Tennis Testimonial

My children play tennis with Tennis with Jamie and I saw a flyer for Cardio Tennis so I thought I would give it a go. I have never and I mean never played tennis before. Aerobic classes and the gym have really been my thing in the past. I went along to one of Jamie’s morning classes and now I’m hooked. It is such a great work out and you can just SMASH the ball which feels so good. Jamie “feeds” the balls to you and he knows where the ball should bounce so you can hit it. When I play cardio tennis in the morning I always have a great rest of the day as I feel like I have really exercised, all those feel good chemicals are released into my body. I have met lots of lovely people at the classes – it’s fun and social.


Cardio tennis hits the spot!  After playing cardio tennis you really feel like you have had a great work out. I had NEVER played tennis before and I love it. I am hooked!


If you are looking to try something new and get a great workout try cardio tennis. It is brilliant!  I am so happy I gave it a try. I look forward to playing every week. 


I love cardio tennis. Lots of running and smashing balls. You dont need to have played tennis in the past. You will feel so good after you have played!



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